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What is RNKR?

Democratizing Finance, For Everyone

RNKR is the first two sided marketplace for financial analysis, developers publish apps to our platform, and investors get access to a valuable set of tools found nowhere else.

The active retail investor simply can't afford to pay thousands of dollars a month for professional tools, by decentralizing financial development RNKR will radically disrupt the industry. By democratizing finance RNKR is making functionality that previously cost thousands available to everyone, leveling the playing field.

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Why is RNKR different?

The exhausting manual search through a combination of expensive tools gets reduced to using a single website. You are going to notice our website keeps getting new content and features every week. You may notice tools you’ve used on other sites are cheaper or free here. As a marketplace RNKR gains advanced studies and applications other sites lack, and unlike other sites RNKR’s tools are beautiful, dynamic, and customizable. Our platform itself is now and always free. Find everything you need for your analysis or request it.

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